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Medications to Pack When Traveling

Whether you pack a sleeping pill for a long-haul flight or a motion sickness patch, travel mediations form an important part of the tricks’ bag of a savvy globetrotter. It’s obvious that you will carry prescriptions that you might be taking on a regular basis. However, a great selection of herbal supplements or over-the-counter remedies can make all the difference between an awesome trip and a trip disrupted by traveler’s tummy, jet lag or other travel maladies. Here are some of the travel medications that you should pack when traveling.

Deep Vein Thrombosis Medications

Deep vein thrombosis is a potentially fatal medical condition that entails development of blood clots in the leg. For a long time, this condition has been called the “economy class syndrome”. However, it’s common among people that take long-haul flights with restricted movement. Aspirin is a great medication to carry if you have a history of developing this medical condition. Even if you have a medical condition like active cancer, estrogen use, or blood clots, you should carry this medication.

Motion Sickness Medication

This condition is caused by abnormal and irregular motion. This disturbs balance organs in the inner ear and the discordant signals from the eyes and the balance mechanisms. Dizziness, nausea, cold perspiration, and headaches follow this disturbance. Bonine and Dramamine are the most common medications for motion sickness. Transderm Scop can also be used to reduce motion sickness.

Sleeping Medications

Some people find sleeping during a flight challenging. That’s because of cramped seats, cabin noise, and constant interruptions. To deal with this challenge, some travelers use medications that keep them asleep during the flight. Nevertheless, try out the medication at home first to know your body’s reaction towards it.

Prescription Drugs

There are prescription drugs like Ambien with sleep-inducing power. These work without causing a groggy feeling upon arrival. Ambien is also less addictive.

These are just some of the travel medications that you may want to try. Nevertheless, remember that every medication has its side effects. Therefore, talk to your doctor before you try any travel medication.  

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Travel & Destinations

The International Languages to Learn to Travel the World More Comfortably

When you can speak multiple languages, traveling the world becomes easier and comfortable. That’s because you can communicate with more people easily. You can also interact with people that you come across during your trips to different places. Here are some of the international languages that you should learn to travel the world more comfortably.


This is the second most spoken language across the world. It’s the official language of many countries across 3 continents including Argentina which is in South America, Equatorial Guinea in Africa, and Spain in Europe. More than 400 million people globally speak Spanish. When you learn Spanish, you become more marketable during travels. You can also land a job when traveling to Spanish-speaking countries. That’s because there are jobs that need bilingual Spanish speakers.


This is the official language in Brazil and Portugal. Portuguese is also the official language in some places in Asia. Countries like Japan and Macau have Brazilian immigrants that use Portuguese. There are also ten countries where Portuguese is the official language and many more where it’s spoken. When you learn Portuguese, learning Spanish becomes easier. That’s because these languages are quite similar. What’s more, Portuguese is among the fastest growing languages and it is quit distributed.


Since France is among the most popular travel destinations, every seasoned traveler should learn French. France has some of the best beaches globally. What’s more, French is among the official languages of Canada. It is also spoken by more than 7 million people. About 89% of Quebec population communicates in French. There are also French speakers in the Americas, Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean as well as Pacific countries. French is the future language because it is used in many African countries as the schooling language.

To become a seasoned traveler, you need to learn other languages. That’s because not everybody will understand English and this can make communication difficult for you. Consider learning these languages to enjoy a more comfortable and satisfying travel experience. For good deal on travel check out one of my favorite sites for bookings.

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Tips For A Safe Trip When She Is Pregnant

Whether it’s a trip to visit your family or having a photo shoot at the beach, it’s evident that many women will travel even once in the nine-month period. Travelling is safe for pregnant women who have low-risk pregnancies, but it is safe to consult your doctor first. Still travelling when pregnant can be hard and that is why it is good that you plan ahead of the trip. Tips that can make a comfortable vacation include:

Time wisely for the holiday

During the first trimester, most women experience rampant nausea and morning sickness. The third trimester they start getting a little bit bigger and the second trimester is the easier one that a pregnant woman is safe to travel. It is not a universal rule because pregnancies are different for different people. The second trimester is the ideal stage for many women to have some fun moments before the arrival of their baby.

Choose the destination with a lot of care

When travelling with a pregnant woman, it is crucial that you ensure the destination place is safe for her. You should get a place that has good air; clean water to drink and the risk to contract airborne diseases should be low among others. Consulting her doctor can be one way to ensure that the destination you are going to choose is safe for her. Another rule that you must observe is to avoid any country that has compulsory vaccinations.

Carry healthy fluids and snacks

Whether you will travel by air, road or train, carrying fresh drinks and snacks is mandatory. An expectant woman is likely to be extremely hungry and easily dehydrated as a result of their condition when they stay on for long hours. It is crucial that she can get what she requires every time anywhere. It is apparent that she might need to visit the restroom frequently, so you can request that she gets a seat near the room in a plane.

Pack as light as possible

The body of a pregnant woman is already going through a lot as a result of carrying the little one, so getting exhausted very fast is a likely option. Packing light can save her the agony of pulling cumbersome luggage and dealing with loads of dirty laundry once she is back from the trip.

It is acceptable for her to dress in light and comfortable clothes and repeat wearing them during the vacation. At this critical time, ensure she relaxes and maintains low-stress levels. She should fit some of her outfits before leaving to avoid a scenario where she will have to squeeze an outfit that isn’t her size anymore.


Travelling is fun even when pregnant but always remember that the risk to have blood clots is higher at this period. You should avoid sitting for many hours, and you can stand up to stretch a bit or walk along the aisle. When you are driving, you can have many stopovers to relax a bit and move on with the trip. When you are choosing activities that you can participate in, let common sense prevail.

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