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5 Apps to Help You Explore a City like a Local

Every traveler knows that there is no better way to explore their destination than acting like the local people. According to Mr. Mart, of Martz Roofing & Construction, when traveling to a city, you want to explore it like a true local. You want to enjoy its nightlife, taste local delicacies, and taste wine if possible. But, some people find venturing past the tourist spots intimidating.

Although some travelers are curious to venture beyond the tourist spots, they don’t do it for varied reasons. Major among them is lack of adequate and accurate information to guide them. Fortunately, modern travel apps have made things easier for travelers.

If you wish to dive into the local city scene, here are some of the apps that you should use to find the best restaurants, bars, and activities that many travelers have not tried out.

Spotted by Locals

This is a great travel app for any traveler that needs a local joint where they can spend some time. It is an app that recommends local spots that are close to the current location of the user. Use it to find eating, drinking and sightseeing places. It’s an awesome app for anybody looking for food and restaurants recommendations.


This is a great travel app for anybody in need of a specific vibe. It provides a community of the locals. Essentially, it offers hand-picked city advice. People in a city can use this app to organize different places into their preferred categories. Travelers can search these places with ease.

Like a Local

This is a great app for anybody looking for a unique experience. It puts hidden city parts at the center and front. Even if you have visited a city in the past, use it to find hidden gems.

Lonely Planet Guides

This app is available for about 38 cities across the world. It provides advice from experts with in-depth knowledge of a city. The app suggests places to eat, see, shop, sleep, play and drink on the basis of the current location of the user.

Sit or Squat

This is an awesome app for travelers that want to enjoy a truly authentic experience. The local people know the most ideal places where you can duck into the bathroom. That’s what makes this app great.

If you want to enjoy your trip to a city in the most excellent way, use these apps when you travel.

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