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How to Travel with Dietary Restrictions

Anybody that is following a special diet or is allergic to some foods knows how tricky sticking to a food regimen can be. This is particularly the case for people traveling overseas or having difficulties explaining their dietary needs to waiters and waitresses that do not speak fluent English. However, dietary restrictions should not chain you to your home. With careful planning and communication of your dietary needs, you can travel the world with ease. Here is a guide for traveling with dietary restrictions.

Plan Your Trip

Conduct some research in advance to learn about the food-related challenges that you are likely to face at your destination. You can even call ahead to ensure that proper arrangements are made to cater for your special dietary needs. Alternatively, book your trip with specialty outfitters. These will cater for your special dietary needs.

Get Food Allergy Translation Cards

If the local people at your destination do not speak proper English, carry food allergy translation cards. There are cards with a wallet size that explain your dietary restrictions or allergy in a local language. You can customize the cards to include several food restrictions or allergies.

Research Local Restaurants

Find out more about the local restaurants. You can talk to the hotel concierge or innkeeper to find out about the nearby grocery stores or restaurants that may cater for your needs. Contact them in advance to allow them time to prepare to cater for your needs. You can also find recommendations online depending on your travel destination.


To take control of your diet, book accommodation at a place that allows you to prepare your meals. Home exchanges and vacation rentals are particularly great choices. You can also get a hotel that features kitchenettes. Alternatively, chose a bed and breakfast. Such establishments tend to accommodate the special needs of their guests.

In addition to these tips, carry your medication and have medical insurance cover when traveling. You can also have a travel insurance plan that will cover you at your destination. Follow these tips when you travel with dietary restrictions to make your experience better.

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