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The International Languages to Learn to Travel the World More Comfortably

When you can speak multiple languages, traveling the world becomes easier and comfortable. That’s because you can communicate with more people easily. You can also interact with people that you come across during your trips to different places. Here are some of the international languages that you should learn to travel the world more comfortably.


This is the second most spoken language across the world. It’s the official language of many countries across 3 continents including Argentina which is in South America, Equatorial Guinea in Africa, and Spain in Europe. More than 400 million people globally speak Spanish. When you learn Spanish, you become more marketable during travels. You can also land a job when traveling to Spanish-speaking countries. That’s because there are jobs that need bilingual Spanish speakers.


This is the official language in Brazil and Portugal. Portuguese is also the official language in some places in Asia. Countries like Japan and Macau have Brazilian immigrants that use Portuguese. There are also ten countries where Portuguese is the official language and many more where it’s spoken. When you learn Portuguese, learning Spanish becomes easier. That’s because these languages are quite similar. What’s more, Portuguese is among the fastest growing languages and it is quit distributed.


Since France is among the most popular travel destinations, every seasoned traveler should learn French. France has some of the best beaches globally. What’s more, French is among the official languages of Canada. It is also spoken by more than 7 million people. About 89% of Quebec population communicates in French. There are also French speakers in the Americas, Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean as well as Pacific countries. French is the future language because it is used in many African countries as the schooling language.

To become a seasoned traveler, you need to learn other languages. That’s because not everybody will understand English and this can make communication difficult for you. Consider learning these languages to enjoy a more comfortable and satisfying travel experience. For good deal on travel check out one of my favorite sites for bookings.

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